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Do you want to be the owner of your own Marketing?

This is the course for you!

We are 5 experts sharing their best secrets; sign up for our 8 week online course "Marketing for Women Like You" .​

We will teach you to do your own Marketing in a way: simple, simple and fun.

* New start date 11/23/20

Weekly group meetings

(Coaching Zoom Calls).

Each week specific topics will be touched to achieve your Marketing objectives and boost your sales:

Week 1 - SMART Goals

Week 2 - Quick Start in your Marketing strategy

Week 3 - Personal Marketing

Week 4 - Branding and brand definition

Week 5 - Social media 101

Week 6 - Dive into Facebook and Instagram

Week 7 - Boost your public relations

Week 8 - Successful sale

Marketing for Women Like You!

Investment 150  USD

They will have access to materials, action plans and tools to be used in each of the weeks.

Exclusive Facebook Group.- a place where they will get support, share their experiences, challenges and have answers to their biggest problems on the marketing path.

* BONUS.- Meetings (Zoom Live) with invited experts (topics and experts will be determined according to the greatest needs of the groups).

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