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I was sent this on the forum but I don't know if anyone posted a reply here or not. I'm not sure if I want to post a reply to it because I don't know if it will be given the same attention as the front page. So if there are mods that want to look at the thread and delete this post if it's unneeded, feel free to do so. Guest Who Wow, thats pretty much exactly what we had in mind in the "remove" button. We don't want to be ruled by popularity, we need to know if something is valid or not. That being said, there is no rule against "advertisements" that "advertise" a site or any service for that matter. If you see anything that looks like a "joke" or something that you wouldn't want to see, please consider reporting it so we can delete it. 1. The first thing that you see is a link with the following text: "This is a commercial site that advertises a service. Please be aware that this site contains links to external sites. The accuracy or reliability of the information provided by external sites, such as those linked from this site, is not guaranteed." 2. The first sentence and last paragraph of this quote comes from the DCMA, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is the law that a lot of sites on the internet follow. 3. The next thing you see is the following paragraph: 4. The rest of the quote comes from the COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. This act states that any site that collects any personal information from children or under 13 years old is in violation of the act. This act basically forces all sites to collect parental consent from anyone under 13 years old. To comply with this act, you would have to ask the user if they are under 13 years old and also give them the option to opt out of allowing their information to be stored on your site. 5. The last thing you see is an image of a doll. I'm not sure why it is on the quote page because, from what I can tell, it is not meant to advertise a service. 6. Okay, I have to clarify my "and also give them the option to opt out of allowing their information to be stored on your site." I actually meant "and have an opt out option on the form/survey."



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Dasha Ls Model Mega

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