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"We can change the world together, starting with the way we do Marketing"      Ana P.


Ana Paola Soria Galvarro

Marketing Plans and Strategies


Empowered Woman, Mother and Marketing Strategist

Bolivian who lives in the United States, providing consultancy on Business Plans and Strategic Marketing for small businesses, women and mothers who own businesses (Known as Mom & Marketer).

Believe in female empowerment and supporting good causes.


15 years of experience as a Marketing Specialist in different countries and prestigious companies such as: Nestlé, The Borgen Project, GLG Consulting and BBB Industries; led her to open her own business as "Mom & Marketer".


By profession a Communicator, she discovered her passion for Marketing in her first job, from then on she has a Master's Degree in Marketing Management and an infinity of refresher courses in the same field.

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