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“The marketing trend are stories, videos, lives and reels; putting these formats such as N 1 in engagement, traffic generators and with greater organic growth in social networks”


Digital Marketing Plan Trend 2022


It includes:

· In-depth analysis of Social Networks (x2)
· Content strategy and humanization of the brand for Social Networks

· Graphic Design of the online graphic line (based on the brand)
· Advice and elaboration of Campaigns for Social Networks
· Content creation for Social Networks
· A professional photo session (10 photos)
· Post Creation (6x Week; arts, animations, reels, videos and articles)

15 Monthly Stories for Facebook and Instagram (Story telling)
· Production of 3 professional videos to generate content in

social networks (Approx 30 sec to 1 min duration each)
· Management and development of 1 monthly Live with special guests

Presentation of monthly schedule
Community Management
· Creation of an Influencers Marketing campaign (if applicable)
· Creation and management of the Virtual Store (if applicable)
Advice and management of Facebook Ads
· Advice for process automation
· Monthly report of client prospects, management and investment

Hire your monthly plan today! or contact us to adapt it to the specific needs of your company.

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