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Marketing Strategies 


Having a comprehensive and digital marketing strategy is like having a complete X-ray that allows your brand and company to be on the right networks, at the right time and with a message that makes a difference. 

Based on our unique 5-step process:

1.- Marketing Audit

  • Analysis of the business model.

  • Everything done since the beginning of the brand (messages, logos, business units, campaigns, photos and social media)

  • Analysis of the market, prices and competition.

2.- SWOT and SMART

  • Business Strengths and Weaknesses / External Opportunities and Threats.

  • SMART Objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Temporary).

3.- Target, insight and positioning

  • Target Segmentation and Description of the Ideal Client.

  • Insight from a deep understanding of the needs of the ideal client.

  • Business positioning and competitive difference in the market.

4.- Strategies and Tactics

  • Main Marketing Strategies for each objective.

  • Marketing Flows.

  • Social Media Strategy.

  • Detailed information on the main Campaigns.

  • Process optimization and automation.

5.- Schedule and presentation

  •  Presentation and deliverable document.

  • Schedule with the Marketing actions and the desired launch dates.

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